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Your mouthpiece is a very important part of your overall playing comfort and sound output.

It's therefore good to keep it in tip-top condition. Our mouthpiece plating, which includes mouthpiece silver plating, mouthpiece gold plating and custom plating, is inexpensive and quick. Silver plating a small mouthpiece (French Horn or Cornet for example) is as little as £22 plus return shipping cost (when you send them to us) which is generally around £5.

We are also able to apply gold plating and custom plating for your new mouthpiece.
You can arrange to visit us or you can post your item to us. We offer mouthpiece plating throughout the UK. Call us and we'll be please to help.

mouthpiece plating services

mouthpiece plating prices

Small Units

Silver from £22
24ct Gold from £32

silver plating prices

Larger Units

Silver from £28
24ct Gold from £38

silver and gold plating custom projects

Custom Projects

Please call us on 01406 330209 to discuss

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Address Labels

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You can visit us or send in your mouthpiece for mouthpiece plating. Turnaround time for silver plating or gold plating is usually between 2 to 3 days. Your item is lightly refinished and undergoes a 4-stage cleaning and refinishing process to produce a good surface on which to apply the silver or gold plating.

Then silver plating or 24ct gold plating is applied followed by a final polish.

We'll send you pictures of your finished item along with a secure payment link which will include the return shipping cost. All mouthpiece plating work is guaranteed.


How long does it take before I have my mouthpiece back?
Once we receive your mouthpiece it is usually completed on the same day. Your item is then shipped back to you the next day. Therefore the whole process spans around 3 working days.

How do I pay for my plating?
We have a card payment acceptance scheme with Zettle that enables us to send a secure payment request link to you via email. You simply then pay by card as if you were purchasing something online. We never see card details.

How do I let you know what I want?
It's likely that we will have shared emails or spoken before you send your item to us so we'll know what to do. You can also provide details, perhaps by way of a sketch, in your package.

How much is the return postage?
We generally use Royal Mail insured services which are usually a next-day service. Cost is around £5 to £7 depending on the size and weight of your mouthpiece.

How can I confirm I'm happy with the plating before I pay?
We will send an email confirming completion along with images for you to look at. This is done prior to sending a payment link.

Get in touch with us 7 days a week from 8.30am - 6pm
Visit us or send your items to us for plating

For any enquiry about mouthpiece silver and gold plating, Please Call Us:
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